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RCA Advocates Climate Change Education  
Policies Headlines
May 20, 2008 -- Whereas in its 2006 resolution, "On The Importance of Preserving the Environment", the RCA committed that its members should "educate themselves and their constituents both scientifically and halakhically on issues connected to the environment and its protection"

The RCA hereby resolves to establish a committee of its members to learn about the full range of scientific evidence relating to climate change, and to report its findings back to the membership at large; and, calls upon all rabbis to

Promote programs and shiurim in synagogues and schools to learn about the possible challenges posed by climate change and actions that will make a difference; and

Take personal actions, and advocate for communal action, to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, such as by purchasing energy- efficient lights, appliances, and vehicles, and reducing driving through public transport and carpooling; and

Advocate for targets that will reduce U.S. carbon emissions, and support efforts to transition America to a clean energy economy; and

Actively support and partner with organizations that are committed to a meaningful response to the environmental crisis from a Torah perspective; and

Encourage their congregants and congregations to do the same.

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