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2009 Convention Resolution: Institutional Transparency  
Policies Headlines
May 12, 2009 -- The financial and ethical scandals that have come to light of late have engendered a great deal of cynicism in the members of the Orthodox Jewish community regarding the religious and communal institutions that serve them.

Such cynicism erodes the respect due community leaders in light of their prodigious efforts on behalf of their constituents, saps motivation and financial contributions and thereby handicaps new initiatives, and causes young people to become jaded about the possibility of working on behalf of the community.

In order to regain the confidence of the Jewish community, let it be resolved that all Jewish communal institutions strive to attain levels of transparency regarding financial affairs, regarding the mechanism of leadership succession, and regarding the planning and execution of general business.

Vehicles for attaining transparency include annual open meetings, featuring complete reports of their activities and financial condition, as well as periodic newsletters detailing current news and goals.

Through this transparency, our Jewish communal institutions will regain the crucial support and participation of community members, ensuring organizational viability and on-going success.

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