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2010 Convention Resolution: Avowing the Religious and Historical Significance of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel  
Policies Headlines
Apr 27, 2010 -- Whereas the entire land of Israel, including Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and their holy sites, has deep religious and historical signiificance for the Jewish people across the world; and,

Whereas Jerusalem has been the spiritual capital of the Jewish people for more than 3000 years, and central to our national and religious identity; and,

Whereas only under Israeli sovereignty have rights of free access by all people to the holy sites in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria been guaranteed and protected; and,

Whereas the adversaries of the State of Israel persist in a dishonorable and disreputable campaign to deny the historic Jewish connection to the land of Israel generally and the Holy City of Jerusalem in particular, and even Western governmental bodies have recently attempted to negate the status of the Kotel Ha'ma'aravi (the Western Wall) as an integral part of the land of Israel;

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America resolves:

To reaffirm, reinforce and proclaim the intrinsic and eternal connection between the Jewish people and the entirety of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel;

To declare our support for Jerusalem remaining the undivided capital of the State of Israel in any resolution of the dispute in the Middle East;

To support Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's determination to allow all residents to construct homes throughout Jerusalem and the land of Israel, in accordance with law and public policy;

To call upon the government of the United States to respect Jewish sovereign rights in Israel's capital, the holy city of Jerusalem, including but not limited to the Temple Mount and its environs;

To call upon the government of Israel to remain steadfast in the face of ongoing political pressure, defending the religious and historic rights of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and throughout the Land of Israel, including but not limited to all religious sites; and

To call upon the Rabbinical Council of America and the American Jewish community to intensify their advocacy for Jewish rights in, and our intrinsic bond with, Jerusalem and the land of Israel, to the American and foreign governments, and through letters and editorials in the news media.

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