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2010 Convention Resolution: The Challenge of Guaranteeing Rights for All  
Policies Headlines
Apr 27, 2010 -- Whereas with regard to religious values, balancing is required between the rights of individuals to go about their lives as they see fit, and the rights of religious institutions to practice their religion without interference from those who do not share their beliefs; and

Whereas the rights of religious groups ought to include for example the freedom to hire those teachers or staff that they feel will promote their religious beliefs or practices; the right to prevent groups that represent ideas that, to their view, are antithetical to their beliefs from using their private property and facilities; and the right to refuse to engage in practices that are in violation of their religious beliefs;

The Rabbinical Council of America therefore resolves to call upon upon governmental bodies
• To fully respect the sanctity of religious values in our schools, churches, places of worship and private homes; and

• To ensure that any laws that are passed do not in any way coerce those institutions with respect to the practice of their religion and the upholding of their sacred values by placing limits upon who they may or may not hire, what functions they choose to hold on their premises, or any other encroachment on their right to preserve the sacred nature of their hallowed space.

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