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Rabbi Mordechai Y. Scher
Santa Fe, NM
Article Photo
Profiles Headlines
Mar 17, 2014 -- Mordechai Yosef Scher was born and raised in Stamford, CT. He moved to Israel shortly after finishing high school. He was educated in some of Israel's best known Religious Zionist institutions, notably Machon Meir, Yeshivat Mercaz Harav Kook, the Shaal program of Yeshivat Shaalvim, and the Midrasha Gevoha.

Rabbi Scher served in the Israel Defense Forces as an infantry soldier and combat medical specialist.

Rabbi Scher was certified as a sofer (scribe) by Rav Shmuel Wozner of B'nei Brak. He was certified to examine and decide on the work of scribes by Rav Mordechai Friedlander. He was certified in the laws of kiddushin and testimony by Dayan Ezra Batzri. He was ordained for the rabbinate by Rav Shear Yeshuv Cohen (Chief Rabbi of Haifa), Rav Uzi Kalcheim of blessed memory, Rav Gershon Binet, and Rav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg of the kollel dayanim at the Midrasha Gevoha. He holds Master Teacher certification from Yeshivat Shaalvim.

Rabbi Scher holds a BSc in Health Sciences, a BSN in Nursing, and is board certified as a flight paramedic (FP-C). He works part-time as a flight nurse/flight paramedic at Med Flight Air Ambulance. He has worked as an Emergency Department nurse, a rural paramedic, and a wilderness search team paramedic.
He is among the founding members of Atalaya Search and Rescue team of Santa Fe, and was a search dog handler with Mountain Canine Corps of Los Alamos. Rabbi Scher has taught and served in the rabbinate in the Jewish communities of Jerusalem, Israel; Houston, TX; Vancouver, BC; Worcester and Boston, MA and Sante Fe, NM.

Rabbi Scher is married to Dr. Shulamit Yaarah (Sandra) Scher, MD. She practices medicine at Los Alamos National Labs. Their children are all grown, and out of the house. Visitors to the Schers' home are likely to be greeted by at least one of their dogs or cats. The hens and bees tend to keep to themselves.

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