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RCA Advocates Tightening Sanctions Against Iran  
Policies Headlines
Nov 13, 2013 -- The Rabbinical Council of America, representing America’s professional Orthodox Jewish rabbinate, builds upon its previous calls for sanctions against Iran and calls on all its members and their congregations to urge their Senators to adopt stricter sanctions against Iran.

In addition, the RCA urges its members to contact Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Tim Johnson (D-SD), Chairmen of the Foreign Relations and Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committees, to press for the adoption of the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act that would apply even greater pressure against the Islamist state. In so doing, the RCA joins with other Jewish organizations in responding to the growing threat of a nuclear Iran through greater pressure.

“No one doubts that the years-long process of economic measures helped bring Iran to the negotiating table,” said Rabbi Leonard Matanky, the group’s president. “After a decade of Iran moving forward with its program of nuclear enrichment, world powers must not relax sanctions for anything less than a complete dismantling of its program to create weapons of mass destruction.”

“We cannot escape the conclusion reached by so many of our countrymen,” added Rabbi Shalom Baum, the RCA vice-president “that the missiles and potential nuclear capabilities of the world’s largest exporter of terror represents an existential threat not only to Israel, but to the entire free world.”

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