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Rabbi Yerhoshua C. Grunstein
Director of Training & Placement, Straus/Beren Amiel Institute of Ohr Torah Stone
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Mar 20, 2014 --
Mar 20, 2014 -- Rabbi Yehoshua C. Grunstein, the former Rabbi of the Beth Israel Synagogue in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is a native of Cedarhurst, Long Island. He studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion [i.e.-"Gush"] for 8 years, receiving ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, as well as a B.A. in Education from the "Herzog" College. For more than four years, Rabbi Grunstein served as a teacher of Talmud for foreign students at Yeshivat Har Etzion, as well as serving as a Judaic High School teacher at "Ulpanat Shavei Rachel", in Neve Daniel.

In September 2000, Rabbi Grunstein and his wife joined a preparatory program called "Straus/Beren'-Amiel", which trains rabbis and educators to serve in communities around the globe. Upon completion of his studies in August of 2003, he assumed the spiritual leadership of the Beth Israel Community in Halifax.

In reflecting on some of his accomplishments during his tenure in the "Hinterlands" of Novas Scotia, Rabbi Grunstein had this to say: “Beyond the success of moving the Bima to the middle of the Sanctuary, improving the standard of local Kashrut, developing an eight year detailed curriculum for the local Talmud Torah, I believe we have encouraged more Jews to become involved in their Heritage [which remained virtually untouched since their Bar/Bat Mitzva] by being involved in both Adult Education, together with their own children [in PARENTS-STUDENT evenings and Sundays, as well as a Pre-School Shabbat morning program, bringing Young Couples with their kids to shul on a normal Shabbat, far beyond the normative "3 times a year"], through the interactive web-site, and the creation of a large array of annual programs which attracted hundreds. We have successfully broken the local ideology that Judaism is a thing of the past, and have created a standard in which it becomes an "issue" on the family agenda to be tended and invested in. Finally, we feel that we've created a community which has turned into a "family", by being welcoming, on the one hand, and insuring that each and every member [and almost member] feels that the shul speaks to them, tends to their needs, gives them the proper attention and in turn being a place where they wish to give of their time and resources".

After returning to Israel in July of 2007, Rabbi Grunstein was asked to serve as Director of Training & Placement at the "Straus/Beren Amiel" Institute of Ohr Torah Stone, which trains, places and escorts rabbis and educators around the Globe.

Rabbi Grunstein is an active member of "Tzohar", and is frequently asked to officiate at Lifecycle events for the secular population of Israel, as well as one of the founding faculty members of the "Singer Kollel" for adults, in which men who work US hours of business spend their mornings in learning. Rabbi Grunstein continues to teach there today.

In September 2013, Rabbi Grunstein published his first book called "Daven Your Age - An Adult Journey Through the Daily Prayer Service" [Gefen Publishing, Jerusalem]. The book attempts to bridge the gap between the heart and mind of Jews as they stand before G-d in prayer each day.

A popular lecturer, Rabbi Grunstein travels extensively around the globe to visit graduates of his program, as well as lecture on various contemporary topics of interest.

Rabbi Grunstein and his wife Tali are blessed with four children, Noam, Aviva, Amichai and Ayelet, and currently reside in Efrat, Israel.

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