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RCA Launches New Platform for Spreading Rabbis' Messages  
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Oct 1, 2014 -- This week, the Rabbinical Council of America launched a new platform for rabbinic leadership and communication. The goal of this platform is to marshal new technology to expand the reach of our rabbis’ ideas.
The RCA released the first of ten short videos created using a TED Talks-like format. TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a popular conference that creates recordings of its presentations and distributes them free over the internet. Rabbi Daniel Cohen's (Agudath Sholom: Stamford, CT) R3CA Talk is the first to be released; it is titled, Living a Life of Legacy: Discovering Your Elijah Moment.

The Project’s Youtube Channel can be found here:

On June 30, 2014, at the annual Rabbinical Council of America Conference, 10 rabbis gave high quality TED-like presentations. Their names and topics are:

R. Daniel Cohen: Living a Life of Legacy: Discovering Your Elijah Moment
R. Dovid Cohen: The Perfection of Imperfection: lessons from a father of a special needs child
R. Zvi Engel: The Voice of Father
R. Mark Fishman: Sex Trafficking and the Synagogue: Raising the engagement of our young adults
R. Daniel Friedman: If You Don’t Make Aliyah
R. Jacob Jaffe: Revealing the Author, Hidden Behind the Words
R. Chaim Steinmetz: Holocaust Survivors’ Secret to Happiness
R. Steve Weil: In the Aftermath of the Apocalypse
R. Eli Weissman: Why I Teach
R. Daniel Yolkut: The Torah of Brokenness

The R3CA project will create a new format for teaching Torah and discussing important issues in the Jewish community. The short length (under 18 minutes) and entertaining quality of these presentations will expand engagement with Jewish values both within the Modern Orthodox community and beyond. This project will enhance Jewish identity and deepen discussions of issues important to the Jewish community and the world. It will also go a long way to helping rabbis change how they see themselves and their potential as public thought leaders.

RCA member rabbis will distribute their colleagues’ videos to members of their congregations who will then forward these videos to friends and family. The video’s length and style, as well as their subject matter, will make them more likely to go viral than any previous rabbinic communication. The goal of this project will be to gain 100,000 views for these 10 videos over the course of a year.

This project was produced by Rabbi Chaim Strauchler of Shaarei Shomayim Congregation, who chaired the 2014 RCA Conference. Email him directly for more information.

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