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Final report of the GPS  
News Headlines
Jul 6, 2015 -- Attached is the final report of the GPS Review Committee. This report was presented to the RCA Executive Committee at a meeting on June 29, 2015 and on the RCA membership at its annual convention on June 30, 2015.

This report contains the recommendations of the GPS Review Committee, following diligent research, analysis and consultation with all relevant parties. It is the responsibility of the RCA Executive Committee to review and, at its discretion, accept the recommendations and facilitate change in policy and practice. The authority to implement any of these recommendations rests with the RCA Executive Committee which will charge the RCA itself, as well as the GPS National Director, the GPS Committee, the various Batei Din, Sponsoring Rabbis, and Dayyanim to respond and implement changes. Some of these recommendations can be implemented in a relatively short period of time. Others will require further analysis, thought, and development of ideas, materials, and resources. It is the GPS Review Committee’s recommendation that the RCA Executive Committee appoint a group of individuals to oversee the implementation of the recommendations outlined in this report. That group – which is to be disbanded once the various bodies charged to oversee the GPS network have been put in place – should be similar in composition to the GPS Review Committee, such that it will include men and women, participants in the conversion process, Dayyanim, mental health professionals, and rabbinic leaders.

Read the complete GPS report

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