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RCA Encourages Action on One-Year Anniversary of Knife Intifada

Click here for text of resolution.

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Oct 18, 2016 -- On the first yahrzeit of Na'ama and Rabbi Eitam Henkin, the 1000 member rabbis of the Rabbinical Council of America have published a formal resolution calling upon “Jews and all people of good faith” to protest “murder, wanton violence, and terror against innocent Jews, Americans, and others in Israel.”

A year ago, the “knife intifada” began when the Henkins were murdered in the presence of four of their children. After a lull, the attacks have recently resumed – most recently with the murder of two Israelis and the injury of numerous others.

The resolution argues that these attacks against innocents are prompted largely by the “anti-Semitism rampant in Palestinian society, incited by many Muslim political, cultural and religious leaders” and actively encouraged by the Palestinian Authority.

These and similar acts are abetted abroad by “media reports and government statements that accuse Israel of false crimes while failing to call Palestinian Arabs to task for incitement and glorifying terror.” The United Nations “encourages and contributes to such violence.”

The resolution underscores the moral obligation upon decent people everywhere to combat this – even from thousands of miles away in North America. The RCA urges ordinary citizens to do their part by:

• Thanking and supporting the many individuals, organizations, public officials, and governments who unequivocally condemn Palestinian violence against innocent Israelis – as well as the political, religious, and societal context in which they occur.

• Supporting the work of organizations that care for Israel’s terror victims.

• Supporting the work of organizations which monitor worldwide press for distorted reporting about violence against Israelis, as well as organizations which highlight the lies and distortions of Palestinian and Middle East media sources.

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