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2016 Resolution: In Support of the Beth Din of America
Adopted by direct vote of the RCA membership.
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Dec 5, 2016 -- Whereas the Beth Din of America is recognized as one of the most respected, professional and trustworthy batei din (courts of Jewish law), whose rulings are routinely accepted by many dozens of batei din and poskim (Jewish law authorities) in a wide variety Orthodox communities throughout the Jewish world; and,

Whereas the Beth Din of America has properly set and adheres to the highest halachic standards in Jewish divorce (gittin) and a wide range of other halachic personal status issues in addition to its expertise in resolving monetary dinei Torah (arbitration); and,

Whereas the Beth Din of America has been at the vanguard in dealing with the plight of agunot, examining every possible halachic avenue to permit (heter) such women to remarry; and,

Whereas the Beth Din of America typically handles several hundred gittin and dinei Torah each year

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America

Urges both rabbis and laymen to take full advantage of the good offices of the Beth Din of America.

Encourages appropriate communal institutions to financially support the Beth Din of America.

Highly recommends seeking the advice and counsel of the Beth Din of America regarding questions that arise in the realm of conversion (giyur), gittin and heter agunot and other areas of halachic personal status, and utilizing its professional arbitration services to resolve financial and communal disputes that arise within the Jewish community.

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