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9-Point Rabbinic Action Plan to Strengthen Israel

Click here for text of resolution.

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Jan 26, 2017 -- Giving concrete expression to its recent call to “seek the flourishing of the State of Israel” as a matter of religious principle, the 1000 rabbis of the Rabbinical Council of America have issued a 9-point action plan as part of their call for “Jews of all ages and everywhere” to “commit to the values of Religious Zionism.”

The resolution, “World Jewry’s Responsibility to Strengthen Israel,” elaborates on the principles of Religious Zionism from the perspective of diaspora “Jewish communities [that] are inexorably linked to the Jewish State, and to their brothers and sisters who have preceded them in settling there.” Israel is “an historic, Divine gift embodying Jewish national dignity, sovereignty, and the first flowering of the redemption,” towards which “Jews across the world have moral, religious, and historic duties.”

The rabbis’ nine action points include physical engagement, by
  1. making aliyah.
  2. making Israel “the preferred destination” for travel and other experiences abroad.
Advocacy with words, by
  1. increasing communal and educational focus on “contemporary Israeli affairs, history, ideas, and culture.”
  2. dialoguing about Israeli politics “particularly with those whose religious or political outlooks differ from our own” to garner support for initiatives that strengthen Israel.
  3. “seeking out opportunities to project” and advocate to fellow students, “neighbors, co-workers, and politicians the vital role that Israel plays in the world’s economy, security, health, and as a moral exemplar.”
Support with material resources, by
  1. investing in Israeli companies
  2. giving charity to Israeli causes.
And, engagement with mind and soul, by
  1. learning Ivrit, the language of the State of Israel.
  2. praying on behalf of Israel.

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