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New and Noteworthy at the RCA
Oct 18, 2016
RCA Encourages Action on One-Year Anniversary of Knife Intifada

Click here for text of resolution.

Sep 29, 2016
RCA Resolution Calls for Civility and Integrity in Political Campaigns

Click here for text of resolution.

Sep 22, 2016
A Powerful Advance to Prevent Using Jewish Law to Cause Human Suffering
Jul 18, 2016
RCA's Tradition Publishes "Perspectives on Women's Leadership in Orthodoxy"
Oct 30, 2015
RCA Passes Resolution Regarding Ordination of Women
Jul 6, 2015
Final report of the GPS
Jul 5, 2015
RCA Committee Completes Historic Review of Conversion Process
Membership Receives Recommendations Enthusiastically Following Emotional Presentations, Leadership Committed to Swift Implementation Full Report and Recommendations Available for Public Review
Jul 5, 2015
Recording of Presentation of Committee Recommendations from RCA Convention, June 30, 2015
Jul 5, 2015
Recording of Session on Prevention of Rabbinic Improprieties from RCA Convention, July 1, 2015
Oct 29, 2014
RCA Announces Committee To Review Conversion Process
Committee Reflects Cross Section of Community, Including Women and Men, Converts, Mental Health Professionals, Rabbis and Other Professionals
Oct 1, 2014
RCA Launches New Platform for Spreading Rabbis' Messages
Sep 5, 2014
Tradition Archives Now Open Access
Jul 4, 2014
RCA Condolence Letter to Bereaved Israeli Families
Jul 5, 2013
RCA Convention 2013
Jun 26, 2013
RCA Leadership Visits with Pope Francis
Jun 26, 2013
RCA Responds to Recent Editorial in Hamodia
Nov 22, 2012
RCA Leadership Solidarity Mission Update: Report #3
Nov 21, 2012
RCA Leadership Solidarity Mission Update: Report #2
Nov 20, 2012
RCA Leadership Solidarity Mission Update: Report #1
Nov 15, 2012
OU, RCA Express Support for Israel's Defense Operation
Sep 10, 2012
RCA Appoints Rabbi Mark Dratch as its New Executive Vice President
Rabbi Basil Herring Appointed as Editor-in-Chief of RCA Publications
Jan 4, 2012
In Call to Action for Harmony and End to Baseless Hatred in Jewish Community, RCA and OU to Present Webcast on January 5th, Asara B'Tevet
Jul 20, 2011
The RCA Plans Senior Executive Changes as it Looks to a New Era of Growth and Expansion
Jun 23, 2011
Modern Orthodoxy Faces the 21st Century: Where are we today, where we should be headed and how do we get there?
May 19, 2011
RCA Holds Successful National Convention
The 52nd annual RCA convention elected new leadership and dealt with critical issues facing the Jewish community.
May 11, 2011
RCA to Hold 52nd Annual Convention in Englewood, NJ, May 15-17, 2011
Focus will be on critical issues facing the Orthodox rabbinate and the Jewish Community in North America, Israel, and across the globe.
Apr 27, 2010
Important Policy Decisions Taken at the Annual, 2010 Convention of the Rabbinical Council of America
Mar 5, 2010
The Rabbinical Council of America Issues a Statement regarding Women's Communal Roles in Orthodox Jewish Life
Jan 27, 2010
RCA Op-Ed by Rabbi Asher Meir, Chairman of the JPEG Committee, in support of the Kosher Food Industry Ethical Guidelines Recently Issued by the RCA
Jan 21, 2010
RCA Issues Guidelines to Enhance Kosher Food Producers’ Compliance with Jewish Legal and Ethical Teachings.
Sep 30, 2009
“Glatt Yoshor” Initiative Gets Underway
Aug 10, 2009
RCA Publishes Revised Halachic Health Care Proxy with Guidelines
Jun 1, 2009
New RCA President Kletenik of Seattle, WA, Outlines Ambitious Agenda for the RCA
A snapshot of current RCA initiatives, written by Joel Magalnick of Seattle's JTNews.
May 13, 2009
RCA Holds Successful Annual Convention in Partnership with YU's Center for the Jewish Future
New RCA Leadership Installed; Resolutions Passed
Apr 21, 2009
RCA to Hold 50th Annual Convention in Teaneck NJ, May 4-7 2009
Event to be held in Partnership with Yeshiva University's Center for the Jewish Future
Apr 6, 2009
RCA Commends Obama Administration's new Stem Cell Directives
Mar 19, 2009
RCA Response to Public Attack on GPS Geirus Policies
Feb 13, 2009
Audio Recording of Meeting, with RCA Participation, of Conference of Presidents and the Pope, dealing with Anti-Semitism and other Topics
Jan 21, 2009
The Rabbinical Council of America Congratulates President Barack Obama
Conveys "Mazeltov" on His Inauguration, and Prays for his Success and Blessing
Jan 6, 2009
GPS Conversion Network Launches its Official Website
GPS Conversion Network Launches its Official Website, to complete a full Year of Progress and Expansion
Sep 24, 2008
RCA Task Force to Publish Jewish Principles and Ethical Guidelines for Business and Industry
Sep 17, 2008
RCA Publishes Special Expanded Issue of its Renowned Journal Tradition
Volume commemorates Tradition's long-time editor and noted rabbinic leader Rabbi Dr. Walter Wurzburger
Sep 11, 2008
RCA Makes the Prozbul (the Classic Rabbinic Credit-Preserving Document) Available to Jewish Public
Jun 25, 2008
Acclaimed "Seforim Blog" Adopted by RCA's Tradition
May 23, 2008
Just in Time for the 2008 Wedding Season
The RCA and Beth Din of America Issue an Updated Version of the Halachic Prenuptial Agreement
May 21, 2008
RCA Holds Successful 72nd National Convention in Skokie IL
May 19, 2008
Brief Portraits of Recently Deceased Chaverim
Composed by Rabbi Myron Rakowitz for the RCA National Convention, 2008/5768
Apr 7, 2008
RCA 2008 Annual Convention in Chicago, IL, May 18th - 20th
Major topics to include American dissent from Israeli government policies, Brain Death and Organ Transplantation, and the GPS Network of Batei Din for Conversion
Apr 1, 2008
Full Tradition Archive Goes Online
The RCA makes 50 years of Tradition Articles Available to the Public
Mar 20, 2008
Beth Din of America Hires Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann as New Director
Effective July 1, 2008, Weissmann Succeeds Rabbi Yona Reiss at RCA's Affiliate Beth Din
Mar 17, 2008
After Mercaz HaRav Attack in Jerusalem, RCA Visits Mourning and Wounded Israelis
“…. And Through Your Blood You Will Live”: Nine Shiva Visits in Two Days
Mar 13, 2008
Myths and Facts about the RCA's GPS - Geirus Policies and Standards
Mar 6, 2008
The Real Story Behind the New National Network of Conversion Courts
A View from the Inside
Mar 4, 2008
RCA Conversion Network Recognized: A Timely Solution
Feb 26, 2008
RCA Announces Establishment of Recognized National Network of Rabbinical Courts for Conversion
Apr 30, 2007
RCA Reaffirms and Issues Text of Historic Conversion Partnership with Chief Rabbinate
Text of Agreed Upon Policies and Procedures Released to the Public (see below)
Apr 27, 2007
RCA and Israeli Chief Rabbinate Announce Historic Conversion Agreement
Mar 13, 2007
Torah Journal, Hadarom, is Published Online
Mar 12, 2007
Unconventional RCA 2007 Convention Called for April 29th - May 1st 2007
Groundbreaking 48th Annual Convention to be held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan
Jan 29, 2007
RCA Journal, Tradition, Tackles War and Jewish Tradition
In a World Full of Strife, Tradition Journal Devotes Issue to War and the Jewish Tradition
Nov 3, 2006
RCA and OU Join in Urging the Orthodox Community to Vote in Upcoming Elections
Oct 25, 2006
RCA and OU Join with US Bishops in Calling for Expanded School Choice Options and Support
Oct 24, 2006
RCA Announces New Appointments to the RCA/OU Kashrus Partnership as it Enters a New Era of Enhanced Kosher Consumer Services
Sep 21, 2006
"So My Son Can Choose for Himself", by Moshe Rosenberg
Sep 21, 2006
"Vale of Tears", by Moshe Rosenberg
Sep 20, 2006
Comments by Rabbi Dale Polakoff, President of the Rabbinical Council of America, at Rally in Support of Israel and Against Global Terror
Sep 10, 2006
"Counting to Infinity", by Moshe Rosenberg
Aug 17, 2006
RCA Solidarity Mission to Israel Expresses View of "Tohar Haneshek" in light of the Unprecedented Realities of Recent War with Hezbollah
Aug 14, 2006
"Afterimages", by Moshe Rosenberg
The Rabbinical Council of America Distributes an Important and Touching Response to the Current Situation, through the lens of the new movie "World Trade Center"
Aug 14, 2006
Rabbinical Council of America Members Begin Solidarity Mission to Israel This Week
Jul 20, 2006
A Statement Regarding Israel and the War on Terror against Hezbollah, Hamas, and their State Sponsors in Iran and Syria
Jul 18, 2006
RCA Facilitates Solidarity with State of Israel by E-mail
RCA Establishes a Special E-mail Mechanism to Facilitate Broad Solidarity with the State of Israel
Jul 14, 2006
RCA Commends President Bush for his Unconditional Support of Israel
Jul 14, 2006
RCA Expresses Complete Solidarity With the People and State of Israel
Jun 29, 2006
Regarding the Abduction of Cpl. Shalit and the Murder of Eliahu Asheri
Jun 23, 2006
The Palestinian Responsibility for Civilian Deaths in Gaza
Jun 19, 2006
RCA and others critique "Prisoner's Manifesto"
U.S. Orthodox Jewish groups critique Palestinian National Accord proposed for referendum by P.A. President Abbas: “There is no hope for peace in these pages."
Jun 8, 2006
Statement Regarding Agreement with Chief Rabbinate on Recognition in Israel of RCA Conversions
RCA is gratified at successful outcome of recent discussions.
Jun 5, 2006
Tradition Journal Launches New Website: www.TraditionOnline.org
TraditionOnline.org, the online version of Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought, is now accessible to anyone worldwide.
May 30, 2006
RCA Reaffirms its Commitment to Preventing Agunah Tragedies
Convention resolution insists that no member Rabbi officiate at a wedding unless a proper prenuptial agreement on get has been executed.
May 24, 2006
RCA/OU Issue Open Letter re Missionaries on Israel TV
An Open Letter regarding the Television License granted by Israel Television to Christian Evangelical Groups
May 16, 2006
2006 Convention: Tending to an Army's Seoul
Chaplain Avraham Horovitz Honored at the RCA Convention
Apr 27, 2006
RCA Annual National Convention
The 2006 National Convention of The Rabbinical Council of America Will Deal with Critical Issues facing the Jewish Community May 7th - May 10th, Newark NJ.
Mar 24, 2006
Unprecedented Number of New Members Admitted
Unprecedented Number of New Members Admitted to the RCA
Mar 24, 2006
Announcing www.TraditionOnline.org
The RCA Journal Tradition enters a new era with www.TraditionOnline.org
Mar 24, 2006
RCA rallies at the UN for Darfur
RCA participates in Joint Rabbinic Rally to Save Darfur
Mar 21, 2006
Update and Clarification regarding Expulsion of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
Clarification Dated March 21, 2006 Regarding Rabbi M. Tendler, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and the Jerusalem Beit Din
Mar 20, 2006
West Coast RCA Regional Conference
RCA holds West Coast Regional Conference in Los Angeles
Mar 7, 2006
Exciting 2006 RCA Convention Announced
Major Issues to be addressed at RCA 2006 Convention scheduled for May 7-10 in Newark NJ
Jan 5, 2006
Successful RCA CRC Midwest Regional Conference
RCA holds a successful Midwest Regional Conference in partnership with the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC)
Dec 30, 2005
Clarification Regarding Rabbi M. Tendler and Bet Din
On Thursday December 29th 2005, the leadership of the RCA sent the following clarification to all its members, regarding its decision to go to Zabla in New York to adjudicate the matter of the expulsion of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler. Relevant New York Beit Din documents are attached.
Dec 12, 2005
New Director of Public Affairs Announced
Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, a distinguished leader of the Queens, NY Jewish Community, and member of the RCA's Executive Committee appointed to new position.
Sep 30, 2005
RCA at Inauguration of Chief Justice Roberts
Minutes after his induction, the Rabbinical Council of America bestowed a Blessing on the new Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Sep 16, 2005
RCA President Testifies to Confirm Roberts
RCA President Rabbi Dale Polakoff Testifies on behalf of the Rabbinical Council of America at the Senate Confirmation Hearings for Judge John Roberts to be the next US Chief Justice
Sep 9, 2005
RCA Announces Growth and Expansion
The Rabbinical Council of America Announces Significant Growth and Expansion on Multiple Fronts
Sep 8, 2005
RCA to Help Aid Katrina
RCA Joins with Sister Organizations to Aid Hurricane Katrina Victims
Jul 27, 2005
RCA Responds to the Jewish Press
The RCA responds to the Jewish Press editorial of July 22, 2005
Jul 13, 2005
Press Release
The Rabbinical Council of America Responds to the Hazmanah issued by a Jerusalem Regional Court
Jul 13, 2005
Hebrew Response
Hebrew Letter to Jerusalem Beit Din
Jul 13, 2005
English Translation of Response
English Translation of Letter to Jerusalem Beit Din
Jun 27, 2005
Open Letter to the Jewish Community
An Open Letter to the Jewish Community Regarding the Investigation and Expulsion of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
May 19, 2005
Post RCA Convention
The RCA 2005 Annual Convention: A Resounding Success, Reflects a Rejuvenated & Energized Organization
Apr 20, 2005
2005 Convention
RCA Announces Schedule for Annual Convention
Apr 19, 2005
Hachlatah 1 of Bet Din
Hachlatah (Preliminary Opinion) 1 as Issued by the Bet Din Ha-Ezori of Jerusalem
Apr 19, 2005
Statement by the RCA
Supplementary Statement on Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
Apr 19, 2005
Hachlatot (Preliminary Opinions) as Issued by the Bet Din Ha-Ezori of Jerusalem
Apr 12, 2005
Statement on Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
Statement in the Matter of the Investigation of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
Apr 12, 2005
OU/IPA Mission
OU/IPA Mission to Washington, DC
Apr 8, 2005
Register for the May Convention!
RCA Annual Convention To Be Held May 15th-May 17th
Mar 18, 2005
RCA Expels Member
Recent Action Regarding Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
Feb 4, 2005
New Staff Appointments at the RCA
Rabbi Reuven Bulka and Rabbi Barry Kornblau Join the RCA
Feb 4, 2005
Changes at the Journal Tradition
RCA Announces New Policies and Personnel at the Journal Tradition
Aug 9, 2004
RCA Introduces New Web Site
Welcome to the completely revised and updated website of the Rabbinical Council of America!
Jun 7, 2004
Convention Resolutions '04
Far-Reaching Resolutions on Sensitive Subjects Passed at the Annual Convention of The Rabbinical Council of America
Jun 6, 2003
New Chief Professional
Rabbi Basil Herring Selected to be Executive Vice President of the Rabbinical Council of America
Sep 5, 2001
Tradition Editor
Rabbi Dr. Michael A. Shmidman Named Editor of Tradition
May 30, 2001
Rabbi Hershel Billet
Rabbi of Young Israel of Woodmere, NY, Elected President of the Rabbinical Council of America
May 10, 2000
Mesaser Nissu'in Project
Rabbinical Council of America to Implement Pre-marital Training Curriculum to Be Mandated as a Major Initiative for the Rabbinate
May 9, 2000
Hakarat Hatov Award
Harry and Esther Walker to Receive Rabbinical Council of America's First Hakarat Hatov Award at The Rye Town Hilton, May 31, 2000
Jun 1, 1999
Rabbi Kenneth N. Hain
Rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom, Lawrence, New York, Elected President of the Rabbinical Council of America
May 14, 1999
Agunah Task Force
Rabbinical Council of America Agunah Task Force
Feb 6, 1997
Defining Orthodoxy
Rabbinical Council of America Midyear Conference "Defining Orthodoxy" February 19, 1997, Lincoln Square Synagogue

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